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Can You Bring Razors On A Plane? Here’s Our Answer!

Is it Allowed to Carry Razors On A Plane?

If you’re travelling with a razor, you’ll need to know if it’s allowed on a plane. You may think this is a silly question, but at the TSA we get a lot of questions about this topic.

Can a passenger carry a razor on a plane in his luggage? Is it allowed?

The short answer is yes, but there are some extra precautions that you should take. Razors are some of the most commonly confiscated items at the airport, even though they are relatively harmless.

You can bring a safety razor on a plane, as long as its blades are less than 4 inches. Razors, like any metal objects, are restricted in carry-on bags because they are classified as prohibited items in carry-on baggage.

When travelling by plane, you can’t really take your knives and other sharp objects with you. But, you can still take your razor to shave your legs or back by hiding it in your shaving kit.

Some people are worried that you can’t take them on a plane, while others fear that they will confiscate your razor. In this article, you will learn whether it is legal to carry a razor on a plane.

Are there any restrictions about bringing Razor Blades on a plane?

The razor rules on a plane have been in place for decades, and yet some people still argue that it’s okay to bring them on board.

And, in a surprising twist, they claim that they are carrying them in their hand luggage, or that the razors are for personal use.

Razor blades are considered an illegal weapon by the TSA. To bring them on a plane, you must place them inside your checked luggage.

The TSA states that blades or opened packages of blade are prohibited as they can be used to cause injury or to cause injury.

Generally, this is true. If you are travelling with a straight razor to shave your beard or hair, however, TSA security screening may not be a problem.

You can travel with straight razors, disposable razors, and electric razors. But you need to check the laws in your destination country and also with your airline before you board in case you travel with a sharp knife or box cutter.

Since the consequences of a blade getting into the cabin are relatively high, most authorities suggest that you should take care and pack your blade in a way that it is unlikely to be opened or used.

In addition, consider packing entire razor separately from your toiletries so that you don’t have to worry about checking it when going through security.

Types of Shaving Razors

There are many different types of shavers available today. Some are designed specifically for men, while others are made especially for women. There are even those which come equipped with special features such as vibrating heads.

If you plan to fly internationally, then you’ll probably find yourself faced with a dilemma regarding what type of razor to buy. The good news is that all these products are safe to travel with.

Below are the three main types of razors:

1. Safety Razors

These are designed specifically for travellers. They come with a plastic handle which makes them easy to grip during flight turbulence.

The handles are made of hard rubber, making them durable enough to withstand rough handling.

Safety razors do not contain any lubricants, meaning that they won’t get stuck while shaving. However, since these razors lack lube, they tend to dry faster than other types of razors.

2. Disposable Razors

These are usually sold in packs of 10 or 20. They are cheap and convenient, but they do not last long. It takes only one swipe across your face to ruin these razors.

When choosing a disposable razor, you will need to make sure that the blades are not irreplaceable. The razor with blades may be made of metal or plastic and are often attached to the razor handle.

Disposable razors are often found in bathrooms or plane cabins and are used to cut hair without the need to apply shaving cream or soap.

3. Electric Razors

Electric shavers are very popular among men today. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a wet/dry model or one that uses foam instead of water.

You can bring electric razors on a plane, but they must be packed in your checked baggage. Electric razor in carry-on bags are prohibited.

You are also allowed to bring a single battery-operated electric razor on board in your carry-on bag. Most airlines allow you to bring an electric razor onboard, but the exact rules vary from airline to airline.

For example, some airlines will allow you to bring an electric razor on board, but you must keep it in the original packaging.

Other airlines will allow you to bring an electric razor on board, but it must be fully charged when you take it on the plane.

Do you have to Declare Razor Blades when Travelling by Airplane?

The TSA has a new policy requiring you to declare any razor blades you have on-board, if they exceed 3-inches.

This is to prevent the blades from being used as weapons, but there are some who are not happy about the new law.

Declare any kind of knife or blade when travelling by airplane. This includes razor blades.

However, if you have a leather travel bag that is in your checked luggage, the security check will not make any inspection of your bag.

To avoid having sharp objects confiscated, make sure you declare them to your airline. Also, make sure you check each item at the bag drop, because some airlines allow you to bring up to a three-inch blade without declaring it.

Ways to pack your Razors

Packing your razor or shaving cream on a plane can be a challenge, and there is no easy solution.

The FAA prohibits the carriage of blades and razors on aircraft in checked baggage, so what can you do with your shaving supplies?’

There are several ways of packing your razors, but the key is to remember that the blades should be enclosed in some sort of protective case or sheath. 

When you’re finished with your razor, store it in a dry place, preferably hanging on a hook or nail so that it is not exposed to the elements, thus causing it to rust.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Pack your razor in its own container. If possible, try to find one that has a tight seal.
  • Put your razor into a small ziplock bag before putting it inside your suitcase. Make sure the zipper is closed tightly.
  • Bring a small container for your razor/shaving cream.
  • Use a soft brush instead of a razor.
  • Wrap them in a paper towel.
  • You can pack your razors in a small foam soap holder, which is available at most drug stores.
  • You can also turn a film canister upside down, put your razor in it, and tape the lid shut.
  • Pack your razor in a hard sided suitcase.
  • Take out all of your razor blades and put them in their individual packaging.
  • Don’t forget to remove the cap off of your razor!
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