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How To Pack Shoes In A Suitcase? Here’s Our Answer!

How To Pack Shoes In A Suitcase For Travel

Packing your bags for a trip can be stressful. It’s hard to decide what to bring and what to leave behind. If you’re packing for a long flight, you’ll want to make sure you have enough space for your luggage.

Suitcases are an important part of a traveller’s belongings, but the way they are stored is another matter.

Many travellers fill their suitcases with everything they own only to find that they can’t fit everything in their bags by the end of the trip.

This is a problem for many people because there is no space left to bring back more items, or to use the clothes that were packed.

So, how can you pack shoes in a suitcase for travel? There are many ways to pack your shoes and that’s we will tackle in this post. So keep reading!

Let’s get started!

Guide to Pack your Shoes in a Suitcase

If you don’t know where you will be staying when you arrive at your destination, it may not be possible to take all of your clothing with you.

You might need to buy new things while travelling. This means having room for them in your bag.

If this happens, then you should consider buying some extra storage containers so that you can keep these purchases safe until you get home.

It’s always exciting to pack for a trip, but it can be a bit of a hassle to fit all of your items into your suitcases.

While many people are willing to sacrifice convenience to save money, there are some ways to save time and still get everything you need.

The following are some of the best ideas for how to pack shoes in a suitcase:

Option #1:

  • Start by taking the pair of shoes you want to pack out of their shoe box, and place them on a flat surface.
  • Remove the laces from your shoes and lay them on the flat surface.
  • Place one shoe on top of the other and wrap them with a rubber band or two to hold them together.
  • You can use shoe bags to pack your shoes if they will not fit on the open spaces of your suitcase.
  • Place them in the suitcase with the wrapped side against the wall of the suitcase.
  • Repeat with the other shoe.

Option #2:

  • Put shoes in a separate large plastic bag or several smaller bags.
  • Place shoes on the outside of the bag.
  • Wrap individual pairs of shoes in a plastic grocery or garbage bag, and then place the wrapped shoes in a large plastic bag.

Option #3:

To pack shoes in a suitcase:

  • Place the shoes at the bottom of the suitcase with a clean shirt or jacket folded on top of the shoes.
  • Then, place the heaviest items you’re packing on top of the shoes.

Can you pack Shoes in carry-on bag?

When packing for a trip, one of the most important things you can do is to pack the right shoes for the destination.

The last thing you need to worry about is your suitcase getting mixed up in the airport security line. TSA-approved carry-on bags are very important, and in addition to fitting your clothes and toiletries, you need to fit your shoes.

So yes, you can pack shoes in your carry-on bag. Pack them in your bag’s side pockets, or buy a packing cube that will fit in your bag’s side pocket.

You should fold or roll them so they take up less space. This prevents the shoes from getting squashed and damaged.

The only restriction is that the formal shoes cannot be larger than 16x16x8 inches.

Tips for packing shoes in your Suitcase

As a traveller, there are a few basic things you should have in your roller suitcase that you can’t get at home: like a pair of comfortable casual shoes.

When packing your stuffed suitcase for a trip, one of the most overlooked areas is the shoes. Yet a simple tip can ensure that the bulkiest shoes in your larger suitcase are in great condition.

The key to packing shoes in a suitcase is to avoid having them touch each other. Shoes subjected to the constant pressure of other shoes will probably get scuffed and damaged.

Separate them from the rest of your clothes by placing them into their own zippered bag. You should use the same zippered bag for all of your shoes. This will help to keep the athletic shoes from getting crushed.

Finding the right method to pack your shoes is difficult and will take some trial and error. However, there are some very easy techniques that will help you pack your shoes in the right way.

Pack shoes with the help of shoe bags

Shoe bags are an essential accessory, especially if you travel a lot. It can help you keep your shoes clean and fresh.

However, not all bags are designed to bring you the right amount of protection needed.

If you are looking for a bag that can bring you the protection you need, then the Leather Travel Bag is the one to go for.

This is because it is designed with a lot of storage space and can fit a number of shoes. This means you can keep your shoes organised and fresh.

Pack shoes with the help of a packing cube

When packing additional shoes in your suitcase use a packing cube to keep your shoes neat and tidy. Packing cubes are the best way to pack shoes when you’re travelling.

They will save you a lot of space and keep your versatile shoes organised. Using the packing cube you can arrange the formal shoes into the suitcase in a way that the most vulnerable parts of the shoes are protected by the insides of the packing cubes.

Packing cubes are designed to make packing easier and more efficient. These cubes are available in a variety of sizes and compare favourably with any other luggage packing system.

They are available in different colours and styles that can easily match your style. Packing cubes are soft and flexible, so they can be used to protect and organise clothes causing no damage.

To pack shoes using the packing cubes you will need:

  • Remove your shoes from their original box and place them in the bottom of the cube.
  • Place an item of clothing on top of the shoes.
  • Repeat this step until the cube is filled with clothes.
  • Once filled, zip the cube shut. You can fill the remaining space with smaller items like toiletries.

Pack shoes in clear shoe boxes

Shoes are most vulnerable to damage when packed in the top of your suitcase. By packing them in an extra shoe box, and then placing the boxes in your suitcase, you will be able to protect your pair of shoes from being crushed.

This will also protect the toes of your bulky shoes and keep the overall appearance of your shoes.

Pack shoes with the help of a shoe organiser

You can fit more of your clothes into your suitcase and you can pack pairs of shoes with the help of a shoe organiser.

To keep your formal shoes organised in your suitcase space, use a packing shoe organiser. Packing a pair of shoes in each pocket of the shoe organiser will keep them in place and make it easier to find the pair you want to wear.

A shoe organiser can be a very useful tool when packing shoes in your Roller suitcase, and it can save you a lot of extra space. It can also help you pack bulky shoes in a way that doesn’t crush them.

Pack all your shoes in the corner of your suitcase

Pack all your types of shoes in the corner of your suitcase when packing shoes in your Suitcase. Have them stood up on their sides and be packed tightly together to save space.

Instead of packing them all into one big mess in the middle of your suitcase, find a corner where you can group them all together neatly.

When you do this, you will not risk them getting damaged during the trip. At least not as much as if you were to pack them all in the middle.

Last Words

The key to packing shoes in your suitcase is understanding how much room you have. If you don’t know what size or shape of suitcases, you’ll be taking with you, measure your current types of luggage space before buying another one.

Also remember that if you plan to travel internationally, check for restrictions regarding footwear size and weight limits.

For example, some countries require travellers to bring only two pairs of shoes per person. 

Always take care of your belongings while travelling! Don’t forget to lock your suitcase, because leaving it unattended could cause theft.

I hope these tips helped you understand how to pack shoes in your suitcase.

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