Can You Bring A Blanket On A Plane? Find Out Here!

Is It Allowed To Carry Blanket On A Plane?

Travelling is one of those things that you just have to do at least once in your life. Any time you’re planning to travel long distances or cross international borders, there are several important questions to consider.

Each airline will have different rules for how many bags you can take with you, and the exact rules may vary from country to country or even region to region. 

Can you bring a blanket on an airplane? The answer is yes, if you want to.

Passengers are permitted to carry blankets and a jacket on board airplanes. Blankets should be stored in carry-on luggage and have the same guidelines as other items.

However, there are some rules to follow. You need to get permission first from the airline company before you carry blanket on the plane.

Some airlines don’t allow you to pack your own blankets on board, so you have to check them in instead. Because airlines consider blankets to be a safety hazard.

Travel with blanket?

If you’re travelling on an airplane and need to bring your favourite blanket, you’re in luck! Certain airports allow passengers to carry blankets in their carry-on bags, as long as they comply with the weight and dimensions requirements.

Otherwise, you can purchase a blanket that meets the size requirements before your trip, or you can use a blanket that you already own.

Blanket should be folded up in a small size. The size of blanket should not be larger than the size of a man’s hand. Blanket should be light and made of non-irritant material.

You also need to make sure that it doesn’t contain any chemicals such as bleach, fabric softener, mothballs, etc.

The best way to ensure that your blanket won’t cause problems during flight is by checking its label.

If the manufacturer has included information about what materials were used when making the product, then you know exactly what kind of chemical substances might harm you while flying.

In addition, ask your doctor whether he/she recommends carrying a certain type of blanket.

Some people who suffer from allergies or asthma find that certain types of blankets trigger symptoms. In order to avoid these issues, always read labels carefully.

Does a Blanket Count as a Carry-on?

Yes, a typical airline blanket can be considered a carry-on. Whether it counts as a carry-on item depends on a few factors. The size of the blanket will matter the most, followed by its weight.

But, “It still depends on the airline, but typically a blanket is considered a carry-on item if it’s large enough to cover you while seated.”

For example, a standard sized blanket would count as a carry-on because it covers at least one person sitting next to you. However, a packable travel blanket wouldn’t qualify as a carry-on since it only covers half of someone else’s body.

So, keep this in mind: If you plan to fly internationally, you’ll probably need to check your quality of blanket. Otherwise, you can just buy another one after arriving at your destination.

Tips when carrying blanket on a plane

When travelling, there are certain items that you should always pack. One of those items is a blanket. A blanket is an essential item to keep you warm during cold weather. It also helps to keep you comfortable while sleeping.

However, if you are flying somewhere where the temperature is warmer, then consider packing a picnic blanket instead. If you are flying somewhere where it is hot, then you might want a light blanket.

Here are some tips on how to carry a blanket on a plane.

  • Make Sure That Your Blanket Is Small Enough for You To Use While Seated

Fold your blanket into a square shape so that it fits inside your bag without being too bulky. This makes it easier to fit everything in your luggage.

  • Check What Type Of Blankets Are Accepted By Airlines

Most airlines accept small extra blanket. But, they don’t have to be folded. They can simply be rolled up like a tube.

  • Pack Lightly When Travelling With A Blanket

Make sure that you aren’t over packing with your blanket. Don’t forget to take out all unnecessary things before putting them back in your suitcase.

  • Keep An Eye Out For Any Restrictions Regarding Blankets

Many airports require passengers to remove their blankets prior to boarding. Some even prohibit travellers from bringing any sort of blanket onboard.

So, make sure that you know about any restrictions regarding blankets and other belongings.

Do airlines charge for blankets?

Yes, some airlines charge for blankets. This is usually because of the popularity of a destination or the season during which you’re travelling.

Check with your airline to see if blankets cost extra before you pack them. Make sure that you understand what charges apply to each country.

If you are going to use your own beautiful blanket, then yes, you can bring it onto the flight. Just make sure that it doesn’t exceed the maximum dimensions allowed by the airline.

As long as it meets these requirements, you shouldn’t face any problems.

Can you ask for a blanket on a plane?

If you were to reach into your purse, grab your wallet, pull out your phone, and then reach for your blanket, it would be more than reasonable to assume that you forgot it at home or that you left it at the hotel. 

So yes, you can ask for a blanket on a plane. Airline blanket can be an essential item when flying.

Airlines offer complimentary flight blankets for their passengers, and one of the best ways to keep warm is to wrap yourself with the blanket and put on a pair of gloves.

This is allowed, and it is a nice gesture. There is no problem with asking for one. However, blankets are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

You may also check with the cabin crew about the availability of blankets. Most of the time, they will have airline blanket on their seats and you can ask them for one if you need one.

Moreover, most people who travel rarely mind carrying around a blanket since it keeps them cosy throughout the journey.

There isn’t anything wrong with requesting an airplane blanket!

How do you get your blanket checked through security?

You will most likely not encounter any issues getting your blanket past airport security. In fact, many people travel with blankets every day. So, you won’t stand out much.

But, here are ways you could avoid having to go through additional screening procedures.

1. Bring a smaller size of throw blanket than usual. Most airlines allow only small blankets. However, this isn’t necessary. You can still bring a larger blanket.

2. Buy a new picnic blanket once you arrive at your destination. Many stores sell large blankets. And, you can easily find a store near your hotel.

3. Fold your blanket into a square. Then, roll it tightly until it’s no longer bigger than your hand. This way, it will fit better in your bag.

4. Pack your blanket in its original packaging. It may help if you wrap it around something else first. This helps keep it together while also making it look less suspicious.

5. Put your versatile throw blanket in an empty plastic bag. The TSA allows bags containing items such as clothing, shoes, etc., but not blankets.

6. Take off your jacket when you pass through security. This will give you more room to put your blanket in your backpack.

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