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What Is The 40 Hour Famine Backpack Challenge? Read Here!

What Is The Purpose Of The 40 Hour Famine?

Backpackers are always seeking the ultimate adventure to test their limits for travel. They are always doing something different, and sometimes, that can be a challenge or even dangerous.

The 40 hour backpack challenge is a new way of seeing something, and you can learn a lot about yourself and the world around you.

This challenge is a low-impact physical challenge designed for people of all fitness levels. It is a series of activities that must be completed in 40 hours, and is thought to be the fastest way to lose unwanted body fat, get fit and stay fit.

The 40 Hour Famine Challenge is an intense fitness regimen, where you are required to drink nothing but water for 40 consecutive hours, and then you have to take a 40-minute hike.

Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually an excellent way to test your training capabilities and hopefully get yourself in shape.

The challenge, which started in Australia in 2009, challenges participants to do a 40-hour fast to benefit a cause.

The challenge encourages participants to get creative in packing their backpack of food, which are usually 40L+ in capacity, and to attain a specific goal in the challenge.

Benefits of 40 hour famine Backpack Challenge

Like the 40-hour fast, a 40-hour backpack challenge is an extreme test of willpower. It is a test of how long you can spend without food or sleep, and how long you can go without bathroom breaks or a shower.

Some people do it every year. Some do it once or twice. But many people have tried it only once or twice.

This challenge is a way to kick start a healthier lifestyle and better eating habits.

The benefits of 40 hour hunger are many. A 40 hour famine back to back with a minimum of 3 meals can:

  • Decrease your waist size.
  • Increase testosterone and iron levels.
  • Decrease cortisol level.
  • Increase your muscle mass.
  • You find that you have more energy.
  • Keeps your metabolism high so you burn calories and build muscle.
  • Have a better mood and a new appreciation for the world around you.
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