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Can You Bring Cigarette Lighter On A Plane? Read It Here!

Is Cigarette Lighter Allowed On A Plane?

In the UK we all know it is against the law to smoke cigarettes on an aeroplane. However, what hasn’t been banned?

Lighters, which can fire up many gases, including propane, butane, and lighter gas. So, can you bring a lighter on a plane?

The answer is yes, you can bring a cigarette lighter on a plane. In fact, many people do it. But most airlines do not allow the use of electronic devices in the cabin. 

You may not use it in the plane. Since most airlines don’t allow passengers to use flammable material on the plane, check with your airline about the lighter rules.

You can bring a cigarette lighter on a plane as long as it’s in your carry-on bag and not in checked luggage. 

In fact, many people do it. However, because of the security concerns, don’t take it out of the bag until you’re on the plane.

If you’ve ever flown with a lighter, you know you will get caught and fined for it. So what’s the proper way to travel from airports with a lighter? Should you be carrying it at all?

Keep reading as we give you all of that information!

TSA Restrictions on Lighters

Details about lighters are one of the most frequently TSA checked items. They are not too dangerous, but they can still cause some problems for TSA agents.

Even though they are not considered dangerous, TSA agents take them. If you’re taking a holiday and you’re a smoker, chances are you’ll be carrying a lighter with you.

However, if you’re a frequent traveller, you may know the potential downsides of doing so. TSA restrictions on lighters are almost as numerous as the lighters on planes, so knowing the TSA’s rules can be a bit of a hassle.


  •  It is possible to get around this strict rule by purchasing a TSA-approved lighter, according to TSA guidelines, “a lighter that meets certain security rules under the Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations governing transportation of flammable items like liquids and gels.”
  • TSA allows lighters in your carry-on baggage. You can have them in the same case as your cigarettes. However, lighters are not permitted if you are a carry-on passenger and you are not travelling with your checked baggage.
  • When you travel with lighters in your checked bags, make sure they are in original retail packaging. 

Types of Cigarette Lighters

Lighters come in many shapes, sizes and brands, and it can be quite difficult to decide on which one to get. If you are looking for a new lighter, you will want one that does the job that you need it to do.

If you want a lighter for everyday use, you may want one that is small and fits in your pocket. Or, if you want a lighter that you can use in case of emergencies, you will want one that is perfect for you, in terms of size and weight.

Below are the common lighters:

  • Gun lighters
  • Torch lighters
  • Arc lighters
  • Blue flame lighters
  • Butane torch lighters
  • Jet flame lighters
  • Colibri Lighters
  • Plasma lighter
  • Zippo type lighters

How about Matches? Is it allowed? 

Although igniting a flame in the air is a thrill, igniting matches while travelling is not recommended.

But why? A well-known safety rule says that hazardous materials must be packed in carry-on bags or in checked luggage (not in carry-on luggage), and that carry-on bags must be approved by the airline.

To simplify, if the carrier does not allow you to bring a certain item onboard, the item must be checked.

So, can you bring matches on a plane? Yes, friction matches are allowed on most flights. The TSA allows you to bring matches in your carry-on or checked bags.

One way is to first place the matches in a small plastic baggie, then place the baggie in a larger ziplock bag.

The zip-lock bag and the match can then be placed into your checked luggage and four matches should be inside the zip-lock bag to avoid any possible fire.

But, it is best not to bring any type of matches on a plane. Matches are a fire hazard and it is better to purchase flint and steel or a lighter.

Can you Bring Cigarettes on a plane?

Yes, you can bring cigarettes on a plane. They are allowed in checked luggage, but the TSA regulations state that it’s up to the airline to enforce those rules.

The main issue when it comes to cigarettes is that you can’t smoke them on the plane. If you’re caught doing so, the TSA will confiscate them and escort you off the plane.

You can only bring cigarettes on a plane if you are going to a country where cigarettes are legal. Some countries do not allow you to bring cigarettes at all.

You will need to check the rules for the specific country you are travelling to.

TSA Regulations for bringing Cigarettes on a plane

While the TSA’s policy on rolling tobacco may seem arbitrary at first glance, it is very well-thought-out and well-executed.

After all, the government handles the safety of airline passengers, and so there is no reason to treat rolling tobacco any differently than any other substance that may be found in a carry-on bag.

If you have ever wondered what you can bring on a plane with you, then check out this TSA regulations.

 Here are the rules:

  • You can carry on one (1) package of cigarettes and/or related smoking paraphernalia for your personal consumption or disposal.
  • All cigarettes must be in their original packaging and be in your possession only. 
  • Each must be in a separate, unopened pack.
  • TSA may request that you open packs and present them for inspection.
  • If your bag is unlocked, the TSA officer may open, inspect, and then reseal your bag. If your bag is locked, the officer will cut it open.
  • Any baggage containing hazardous materials or flammable liquids, whether packed in carry-on baggage or checked baggage, is subject to inspection.

Is Vaping Devices allowed on a plane?

Vaping devices, such as e-cigarettes, vaporisers, and vaping pens, are becoming popular with travellers. People are using these devices to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle, and sometimes, they are also using them to help them quit smoking.

So, is vaping on a plane allowed? The answer is yes, and no. The short answer is yes, vaping is allowed on a plane.

But, there are some conditions that you should know, before you decide to take your e-cig or other vaping device onboard and you must follow some basic rules.

The TSA has clarified that vaping is allowed. The only rule is that you must have only 100 millilitres of e-liquid

While Vaping devices are allowed on planes, the TSA requires that you do not leave the battery in the device when you are going through security.

Vaping devices may be allowed on a plane depending on the airline’s policies. Please visit the airline’s website for more information.

How to Pack a Lighter

Cigarette lighters are helpful when you’re trying to light a cigarette on the go, but since most are not TSA compliant, it’s not possible to bring one onto a plane.

There are some ways around this, like putting a few in your shaving kit, or carrying a lighter with you when you board.

If you’re worried you’ll forget the lighter in your suitcase, you can pack it in a cigarette case, which are available at most pharmacies.

Cigarette lighters are allowed in carry-on bags. When travelling with carry-on bags, they should be packed in carry-on luggage that is placed in the sizer at the security checkpoint.

When packing a cigarette lighter when travelling on a plane, keep the lighter in a plastic bag. To make sure the bag is watertight, use a Ziploc bag or seal it with a wire twisty-tie.

Is it allowed to Smoke on a plane?

You may think that it’s no big deal to light up a cigar on a plane, but it’s not that simple. When you’re flying, you’re subject to many rules and regulations.

One of the most important is that you may not light up a cigar inside the cabin, even in your own seat.

Of course, smoking is against the law on airplanes. It’s also against the law on boats, buses, trains and most other places that have a fire hazard.

It’s why it’s against the law to smoke in any enclosed building or vehicle. But is it against the law to smoke on a plane because of the fumes?

The rules about smoking in public places vary by country, and there are often different requirements for smokers depending on the type of aircraft they are travelling on.

In fact, several airlines still allow passengers to smoke on their flights.

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