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How Many Litres Bag For Travelling?

How Many Litres Bag For Travelling?

What Size Should My Bag For Travelling? – Our Guide

If you’re travelling abroad with your new leather hold bag, it might be worth checking how many litres you’re restricted to so you can avoid a nasty surprise at the airport.

The amount of litres your bag is restricted to when travelling depends on the airline, for longer trips we would suggest choosing a bag which has above 50 litres, however for shorter trips you can get away with a smaller size.

What Size Should My Bag For Travelling?

We’ve composed a guide below which will take you through what kind of leather bag you need for travelling, how many litres it should be, tips for packing your bag and some care tips for keeping your leather bag in good shape.

What Kind Of Leather Bag Is Good For Travelling? 

When picking your leather bag for travelling, you need to make sure your bag choice is durable enough to hold up to travel.

We’ve listed some different types of leather bags down below to give you some travel inspo.

  • Leather duffle bag – A leather duffle bag is a must-have bag for shorter weekend trips and very stylish too. They are a good choice if you want extra space for compartments.
  • Leather backpack – For hiking trips, you can find great leather backpacks with a range of sizes according to the length of your trip. It can also help you with packing light if you tend to overpack.
  • Leather weekender – Weekenders are an ideal alternative to wheeled luggage and can be carried around easily. It’s a great type of luggage for overnight trips or a one-bag business trip.
  • Leather rucksack – If you are backpacking around and don’t want to have the restrictions of a leather suitcase then a leather rucksack might be ideal for weekend trips, outdoor backpacks made out of leather are very durable too.
  • Leather briefcase – A leather briefcase is ideal for carry-on luggage if you want a bag with lots of space and storage such as a place for compartments and a laptop compartment.
  • Leather suitcase – Leather suitcases are very durable for travel and don’t have the same wear and tear as fabric suitcases since the leather can hold up to strenuous travel.

How Many Litres Should My Leather Bag Be For Travelling? 

The size of your leather bag depends on how long you’re travelling and if you are a light packer, we’ve listed some different litre sizes of bags down below to see which one might be right for you.

  • 25-30 litre – This type of bag is not for extended trips, you’re looking at a day trip or a small weekend trip if you pack light. It’s ideal for minimalist packers who don’t need much. We would not suggest choosing this backpack capacity if you are packing for a colder climate since warm clothes will take a lot of space.
  • 40-46 litre – This is a great size bag if you want to avoid baggage fees and still be able to take your bag on the plane as a carry-on. You can typically fit about a week’s worth of clothes in a 40-litre backpack without any issues. If you’re an over-packer you still might struggle to fit everything in a 45-litre backpack.
  • 50-60 litre – These leather bags are the best sizes if you’re packing clothes as well as lots of travel gear and some home luxuries, due to the larger pack you would likely need to check these bags in. The bags can be quite heavy too if you’re heavy packers.
  • 65 litre and over – This is a very large bag and ideal for heavy packers due to its large capacity, you will always have to check a 65-litre pack in for luggage but it’s the right bag to choose if you want lots of internal packing space. You should be warned that these bags are very heavy.

Tips For Packing Your Leather Bag 

If you are going on a trip with tons of gear then we’ve listed some tips for packing your bag down below.

Tips For Packing Your Leather Bag 
  • Restrict the size – One way to keep your luggage light is by choosing smaller backpack sizes on purpose to prevent yourself from over packing. Try choosing carry-on sizes if you want to avoid checking in your luggage.
  • Avoid over packing – Over packing your leather bag when travelling is a big no-no, not only will it be uncomfortable to carry but it can also stretch your leather bag and ruin the shape if you are not careful.
  • Lay out what you need and take half – Lay out all of your clothes that you want to bring and try to prioritise and take half, often we don’t need half of what we want to pack.
  • Utilise space – To save more space when packing try to use the room when possible, whether this means packing clothing into shoes and hats or rolling your clothes to maximise room. 
  • Put cosmetics in a toiletry bag – Avoid spilling cosmetics in your leather bag at all costs, doing so can ruin your bag and the lining so we suggest putting them in a sealed bag.
  • Choose lighter clothes – If you’re looking to save weight when packing we suggest choosing lighter clothes, warm clothes like sweaters add up a lot of weight in your luggage if you’re not careful.

How To Care For Your Leather Bag

Travelling with your leather bag can take a toll on the material if you’re not careful, we suggest following our essential care tips down below to help keep your bag in the best shape.

  • Avoid using it in direct sunlight – Leather bags can become very dry in sunlight so we suggest storing them in a cool and dark place when possible, sun can also discolor your bag if you’re not careful.
  • Condition it – Conditioning leather should be done around twice a year to keep it soft and in good shape. You can use coconut oil to condition your leather if you don’t have any on hand.
  • Protect it – Use a leather protectant spray to keep your bag in good shape and protect it against the elements. 
  • Clean it well – Clean your leather bag with some mild leather soap and warm water as soon as you find a stain, this stops residue from building up and making the leather sticky.
  • Keep rain out – Avoid getting your leather bag wet in the rain, doing so can cause the bag to swell up and change shape, and it can also lead to moisture getting trapped inside. Always air dry your bag if it gets wet.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leather Bags & Litres

What is the personal item allowance for leather bags? 

In addition to your carry on, for most airlines you are allowed to carry on an extra personal item, this should be able to fit under the seat in front of you. For most airlines, it should measure no more than 16-18 inches tall, 10-15 inches wide, and 7-9 inches deep.

Do you get a weight penalty if you carry extra weight when travelling?

Yes, you will have to either pay an excess luggage fee or even buy a new suitcase to split the weight, always weigh your bag beforehand just in case when travelling.

What is the carry on rules for airlines?

For most airlines, you will get a carry on allowance of 22″ x 14″ x 9″, most of the time this should not weigh over 6kg.

How much liter of space do I need for overnight trips?

For an overnight trip, if you are a light packer a 20-30 liter backpack is enough, but for people who pack more, we suggest a 30-45L backpack.

Is leather a good material for outdoor backpacks?

Leather is a good material and is very durable for travelling, however for outdoor backpacks it might not do well unless the material is treated with a sealant to protect it from outdoors weather. 

Last Words

To conclude, for travelling we suggest taking a bag of around 40-60 litres depending on how much you pack if it’s a leather bag we strongly suggest avoid overpacking it otherwise it can ruin the bag. 

How To Care For Your Leather Bag

For an overnight trip, we suggest using a 25-30-litre backpack which is smaller and lighter.

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