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Where To Donate Old Backpacks?

Where To Donate Old Backpacks? Read Here!

Can I Donate My Old Backpack? – Our Guide

If you’ve got some old backpacks lying around, you might be wondering what to do with them, should you toss them in the bin or can you donate them somewhere else?

You can indeed donate your backpacks to many gift centers as school items and depending on the type of material you might also be able to put your burgers in a recycling program.

Can I Donate My Old Backpack?

We’ve composed a guide below which will discuss how long backpacks last when you can recycle backpacks, how to donate old backpacks and some tips for buying a new backpack when the time is right.

How Long Do Backpacks Last? 

Backpacks last a different range of time according to the material they are made from and the quality of the material. 

On average, you can expect a backpack of any material to last you around 3-5 years before they need to be recycled or donated. Leather backpacks might last longer than synthetic material.

Where Can I Recycle Backpacks?

You can typically recycle backpacks anywhere where the material is applicable, for leather backpacks this might be a leather recycling facility, but for other backpacks made out of the canvas, this could be a standard recycling center.

Mixed fabrics can be harder to recycle, but you can always check with your local outdoor shop facility to see if they support this recycling scheme. Terracycle is a great recycling center which takes lots of used outdoor gear.

How Do I Get Rid Of Old Backpacks?

If you don’t want to simply chuck your backpack in the bin or go through difficult recycling processes, we’ve listed how to get rid of old backpacks down below.

Keep It As A Toolkit 

Backpacks can be great as a tool kit thanks to all the compartments and pockets, rather than chuck it away it’s a great way to utilise it rather than just throwing it away.

Repair It 

You can always send your backpack away to be repaired rather than put it in the bin just because the material is torn or the zips are broken, backpacks can be re-made good as new with some attention.

Donate To A Good Cause 

Foster homes, schools, athletic teams and other organisations will be more than happy to take in your old backpack providing it’s not entirely broken. This is a great way to put your old bag to a good cause.

Sell It 

If your backpack is still in good condition and zips up well, you might be able to sell it and get something back for it. Ebay and other second-hand sites are great places to post your used outdoor gear.

Keep For Storage 

Backpacks can be great to put old clothes in and other items for storage, allowing you to keep items in a safe place for future use away from the dust. They also have lots of compartments to store different items in.

Take The Functional Parts

If you decide to recycle your backpack then it’s a good idea to keep functional parts like zips and buttons, this way you can use them again on new bags or as a backup in case anything breaks on other bags.

How Do I Get Rid Of Old Backpacks?

Tips For Buying A New Leather Backpack

If you’ve decided you want to buy a new leather backpack, we’ve got some great tips for picking your new bag down below.

  • Price – Consider the price, you will likely have to pay a fair amount for a high-quality backup, cheap leather backpacks might not be made with genuine leather.
  • Type of leather – When choosing a leather backup, you will have a choice between full-grain weather which is most common, top grain leather which is sanded and bonded leather which is made from scraps.
  • Consider size and comfort – Consider the size of your backpack, will you be using it to carry your day-to-day belongings or for overnight weekend trips, make sure it’s big enough for your needs. You also need to consider wearing a backup on your back, therefore it should be comfortable, full grain leather takes longer to break in.
  • Think about the pockets – Make sure that your backpack has enough compartments and zips for travel so you can store different items.
  • Try waxed canvas – If you’re not keen on leather backpacks, it might be worth checking out canvas waxed backpacks. They are almost similar to full grain leather backpacks but more flexible.

How To Maintain A Leather Backpack

If you’ve decided to buy yourself a new leather backpack, to make it last longer we suggest taking care of it properly, by maintaining it well. 

We’ve listed some great ways to maintain your bag down below.

  • Keep it away from rain – Water can make your leather backpack swell, cause it to discolour and change its shape. Try to avoid the bag getting into contact with rain and let it air dry.
  • Condition the bag – Conditioning your bag should be done three or four times a year to keep it soft and prevent it from cracking over time.
  • Clean it – As soon as your leather backpack gets any stains, make sure to clean it with some mild soap and water, avoid stains sitting for a long time and never use harsh chemical cleaners on the material.
  • Don’t over pack it – Over packing leather bags can change the shape and cause your backpack to stretch and crack over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Donating Backpacks

How much do leather backpacks cost?

Leather backpacks cost around £200 and above depending on the quality and brand you choose.

What recycling stations take leather?

Once the main parts of the backpack are removed like buckles, you can indeed recycle your leather backpack with no issues.

Where can I donate a backpack too?

Any shelter, school, outdoor shop, foster organisation or charity will take backpacks for donation as long as they are in good shape.

How To Maintain A Leather Backpack

Last Words

To conclude, you can donate backpacks to a variety of places like foster homes and schools as long as the backpacks are not broken. You can also recycle your backpack depending on the material, mixed materials might be harder to recycle however and will need to be taken apart.

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