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Are Travel Lodges Dog Friendly? Here’s Our Answer!

Is The Travel Lodge Pet Friendly?

The dog-friendly travel lodge movement has been around for years, but it is still a new concept.

People who are concerned about the safety of their dogs have gone on holiday to places that are friendly towards both humans and their four-legged friends, so your dog can play with other dogs, best friends and owners alike.

There are a number of destinations that are dog-friendly. However, there are some that are even better for it, since they are friendly towards dogs.

It is important to be aware of the companies that are offering pet-friendly hotel accommodation when you plan to travel.

In addition, you see that some companies offer dogs on a one-dog per room basis and some do not. This will need to be taken into consideration when booking your accommodation.

With this in mind, it is never too late to find a friendly hotel chain that is pet friendly. While this may seem like an easy option, finding a hotel that is pet friendly can be complicated.

Are pets allowed in hotels?

There’s a common misconception that pets are not allowed in hotels. In fact, this is not the case, and there are a variety of reasons you would want to bring your pet along for the trip.

Some hotels allow pet at the hotel. The hotel will charge an extra fee for pets or size per animal. To book a room with a pet, please contact the hotel for pet policy and fee information.

Bringing a pet with you to a hotel is great for the animal family, but it can also be annoying for the hotel staff since they will do extra cleaning. If there is a policy that says you can’t bring your pet, it can cause problems for you and for your pet.

For instance, if you’re staying at a hotel that states pet policy as “no pets,” you might be in for a bad experience if you’re staying during a busy holiday season.

Tips for travelling with your pet

Planning your next holiday can be a great time to enhance the quality of your life by taking your dog with you.

Pets are not just for children. Pets can make journeys more enjoyable, less worry, and safer for both the pet and the owner.

Whether you decide to travel with a big breed or a teacup poodle, there are things you must do to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

  • Carry your pet’s food in a special carrier with a handle and clip on the leash to keep it from getting lost.
  • Try to travel as light as possible. Pets can be dangerous if they get agitated.
  • Try to keep the pet out of the luggage and only pack their essentials in your travel bag.
  • Carriers should be placed on and off the vehicle.
  • Find the best pet-friendly hotel offers for your pet.
  • Make sure your pet has a pet passport.
  • Most dogs are happy to stay in the house, sometimes you find it necessary to take them out for a day or two.
  • You can take your pet with you in the cargo area of an airplane. You can do this with a crate (not a carrier) and it keeps your pet safe and comfortable.
  • Whether your pet will be sitting in the carrier, if the carrier is large enough to accommodate the animal, and whether the carrier is comfortable for the animal.
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