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Can You Use Your Phone On A Plane? Read Here!

Is It Allowed To Use Phone On A Plane?

If you’ve ever been to an airport, you’ve noticed that everyone around you is using their phones.

A traveller’s most important piece of tech, phones provide entertainment, information, and communication opportunities, and you can’t be without it for even a few hours.

And you’ve heard that you should turn off the phone before boarding a plane. If you are reading this, then you are wondering if it’s safe to use your phone on a plane.

The short answer is yes, it’s safe. Electronic devices like phones, tablets, and laptops are now allowed on flights. But it is important to follow the rules of the Federal Aviation Administration.

You can use the phone as a phone by storing and using your contact information, accessing and sending text messages, watching movies and even playing games offline, but keep in mind that you cannot call anyone nor do anything else that requires data connection.

The FAA recommends turning off all electronic devices, so there won’t be any interference with other aircraft systems and aircraft manufacturers.

Depending on the plane, it may be necessary for you to turn on your phone’s airplane mode. Airplanes won’t allow you to use your phone while in overseas flights, so you need to turn your phone off and turn it back on once the plane has taken off.

This post will guide you through the proper procedure to keep your phone safe while travelling, and help you avoid the consequences of not following the rules.

Why do we have to put our phones on flight mode?

In the past, we’ve recommended putting your phone in flight mode when you’re on a plane to preserve battery life.

But what is the reason you should put your phone on flight mode right away, even when you’re on a plane?

Cell phone use on planes is prohibited for use during taxiing, take off, and interfer the On-board Aircraft electronics.

Wireless phone usage being a possible danger to the plane’s navigation system and also that it could interfere with the communications on fleet of aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) calls for Airplane Mode to be the only mode of use on any electronic device while on the plane as it prevents commercial aircraft passengers from interference with your mobile phone signal.

Phones on flight mode helps reduce electromagnetic interference in the communications on aircraft cabin. It also helps to prevent signal from jamming emergency communication equipment.

What Happens if You don’t put your Phone on Airplane Mode?

It’s easy to forget about your phone when you’re away from home. After all, you spent hours getting that phone just the way you like it, and so you don’t want to change a thing.

But there’s a big difference between leaving your phone on airplane mode while on the plane, and leaving it on airplane mode when you’re on the ground.

Below are common outcome when you don’t put your phone on airplane mode:

  • Low battery life

If you don’t put your phone on airplane mode while on a plane, the battery is drained, and your phone starts to hurt your ears and headaches.

A battery drains faster when your phone is connected to a power source. This is because your phone uses almost all of it’s battery’s power while charging.

When you are on a plane, turn on your airplane mode to extend the battery life.

  • May cause the plane to crash

As a cell phone is a radio transmitter, it could cause the air plane to crash. You should always remember to put your phone on airplane mode when you are on a plane.

Because phone emits a signal that can interfere with the plane’s navigation system, which could cause the plane to crash.

  • Phone will use the mobile network

If You don’t put your phone on Airplane Mode while on a plane may cause Phone use the mobile network.

If you don’t have your phone on airplane mode, your phone will search for signals from other satellites. The phone will also continue to search for signals even after landing.

  • Some apps may not work

Your phone won’t be able to connect to the WI-Fi and may not work. The phone should be on airplane mode so data and signals don’t interfere with the plane’s systems.

You can restore an airplane mode by turning off the airplane mode on your phone. Some apps may not work if the phone is on airplane mode.

What is the Purpose of Airplane Mode?

By now, airplane mode is a feature of the wireless technology in your phone that turns off all wireless activity in order to save battery life.

To ensure that you are not connected to the Internet, airplane mode will block GSM and Bluetooth connections.

This will also prevent any incoming or outgoing notifications from happening. This is especially useful if connected to a flight that you want to do all of your work offline.

To use airplane mode, you must turn on the airplane mode on your phone. 

If you are using iOS 7 or earlier, to turn off Airplane Mode, follow these steps:

1. Open “Settings”

2. Tap “Airplane Mode”

3. Turn the switch off

Or, open the Settings app. Tap “Airplane Mode.

Is it Safe to Charge your Phone while flying?

Flying is a daily ritual of millions of people who live in the developed world. And with so many gadgets and gizmos, many are now carrying around a smartphone and a tablet for travel.

But, are these devices safe to use while in the air? Yes, it is safe to charge your cellphone while flying.

You can still use your cellphone, but you must remove the battery pack (which charges your phone) when the plane takes off. You should always be careful when charging your phone while your plane is in the air.

The FAA recommends charging phones during a flight as long as the plane is in safe airspace, so long as the batteries are not depleted.

Some international airline industry now allow you to charge your smartphone or other battery-powered device while you fly. Others still advise you leave the charger at home, since there’s a chance it could ignite a fire on board. 

Airline regulations vary on this one, but you cannot use your phone when you are on a plane.

If they are allowed at all, you are welcome to use them but flight attendant can’t say much of anything on them. This is to ensure that air travel is safe and comfortable.

Guidelines to use mobile devices 

Travelling by air has become as common as air travel itself, with more and more people flying regularly all around the world.

With the new regulations introduced for electronic devices on planes, people now must decide on whether they should use their phone, tablet or laptop while flying.

The FAA has posted their formal guidance on using mobile devices while flying. It’s important to note that while there is no prohibition on using a mobile device.

It is recommended that you not do so during taxi, takeoff, landing, and other critical phases of flight.

Follow these guidelines to use your mobile device while flying:

  • Legal cell phones must be turned off, switched to vibrate mode, or in standby mode.
  • They must also be less than 24 inches from your body.
  • Cell phones must be in airplane mode and may not be used for texting, emailing, or making flight phone calls.
  • Receiving calls is also prohibited. If you would like to make a call during your domestic flight, you must buy a phone call using tam airline purchased airtime or a prepaid flight calling card.
  • Keep it away from the window and don’t use it in the bathroom or on the plane.
  • You may check the latest FAA guidelines on mobile devices used on airplanes.
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