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Best Wheeled Holdall – Reviews 2023

Traveling to new destinations or anywhere out of your everyday commute is all fun and games. However, the journey- Whether by train, plane, or bus can be rather tiring, especially if you have to spend a lot of time walking with heavy bags weighing down your limbs.

If you want the convenience of a backpack without the hustle of carrying it on your bag, then a wheeled holdall is what you need. Some of them have storage big enough to mimic a duffel bag yet have wheels like those of a suitcase- Best of both worlds!

Seeing how the market is flooded with options with everyone claiming theirs is the best wheeled holdall, you are bound to be spoilt for choice hece increasing the probability of making a wrong choice.

Bu worry not, below I have oulined a list of the best wheeled holdalls available and a simplified buying guide. This is after thorough research, analysis and comparison.

Our top picks for Best wheeled holdall- reviews and buying guide.

1.The North Face Rolling Thunder Unisex Outdoor Travel Bag-Editor’s choice

This masterpiece is very distinct and well designed- you will always turn heads when you carry the north face rolling holdall. Perfect choice for someone who carries a lot of equipment with them when traveling.

This is thanks to its numerous pockets and tastefully designed compartments that let you carry multiple things in different compartments. You can get by with carrying equipment or clothes on the inside, then putting your laptop and shoes on the outside pockets.

The best part of this bag is that it is constructed of bomber base camp material that is not only very sturdy(hence protects your equipment)but is also very lightweight. Did I mention that the said polyester material is waterproof?

Since this bag was designed with consumers going for demanding excursions in mind, the bag’s corners are fitted with plastic bumpers that prevent any abrasions and wear. As a lash touch, the bag has several coated daisy chains that, despite being small, tie the whole design together.

The north face rolling thunder is only 19 inches meaning you can pass it as a carryon in most airlines. This saves you the hustle of having to wait for your bag on the baggage claim carousel.

Often than not, checked luggage usually come back mishandled hence leading to premature wear and tear. And your mind will not be at ease as the safety of your bag’s contents is a mystery.

This bag comes with plenty of handles all around it to give you the luxury of carrying it how you dim fit. You will find special sherpa straps that allow you to strap on another backpack or laptop bag and carry both as one.

Pros of the product

  • You can pass it as a carry on in most airlines hence saving you a lot of transport hustles
  • Has very wide wheels making it easy to roll it on any terrain
  • This bag plenty of outside pockets and interior compartments that make packing very easy and maximize storage capacity.
  • Made of bomber base camp material that is lightweight and waterproof

Cons of the product

  • For the quality and storage space, you will be getting, this bag is too expensive for the average consumer.
  • The supposedly padded corners are covered with cheap material that wears off fast hence beating the purpose

2.OGIO Rig 9800 Travel Bag

If you are in the market for a large holdall that can comfortably store all your luggage during excursions and trips, this OGIO bag is what you need. It comes with whopping 123-liter storage that is even further extendable thanks to its numerous outside pockets.

It is made of polyester, which is known to be very durable yet lightweight as this bag weighs only 2 kilos when empty. For maximum protection of your valuables inside, the interior is fully-integrated with the legendary iFOM foam construction.

The extra layer acts as a shock-absorbing layer that protects your valuables and increases the longevity of the bag. Not that you will need it as it comes with a 10-year performance warranty and free limited life repair services that assure you of the overall quality.

For utmost comfort, this bag comes with a telescoping handle that has several height adjustment features. If you don’t want to use its two well-sized wheels for some reason, then you have the option of using its numerous handles all around the bag.

All the handles are made using state of the art technology for total comfort. You can now forget about developing blisters after a long day of travel.

This masterpiece is a perfect choice for those people who carry valuables around e.g., camera equipment, electronics, sports equipment, etc. The exterior features extra padding, and the back is armored for protection against any sudden impacts and weather elements.

As security is paramount, all zips have double zips and buckle closures for easy insertion of a padlock. You can also get a special TSA lock at an added fee.

Pros of the product

  • It is big enough to fit 123 liters or more of luggage without reservation of damaging the bag.
  • Has a lot of extra features that guarantee your precious cargo will be safe from damage and your bag safe from abrasions, wear and tear.
  • It comes with self-healing zippers and straps that shrink and expand depending on the inside contents.
  • All the handles are well designed and crafted solely to ensure ferrying the bag around doesn’t put stairs on your palms.

Cons of the product

  • For the price, it is unfortunate that it doe not come with TSA lock already installed
  • The wheels do not have a stopper so it poses quite a challenge when you need the bag to stand upright
  • The numerous exterior pockets become useless when the bag is too full.

3.THE NORTH FACE Rolling Thunder – 30 Roller Cases, 76 cm, 80 liters, Black

Sice the inception of The North Face brand, they have consistently blessed travellers and athletes with quality bags that are affordable and comfortable- The northface rolling thunder is no exception.

This indestructable bag is made of polyester which is in turn coated and padded with several layers of foam. This is to ensure all your valuables stay protected from sudden impacts and adverse weather conditions.

For extra protection, it comes with a strong back panel structure that also double to help increase the overall durability of the bag. This bag is large enough for out of town trips, athletics, gyming, carrying equipment, or backpacking in the woods.

After all, with 90 litres of storage to work with, the possibilities for what you can do are endless.

This is a two-wheeled holdall that comes with self-cleaning wheels to ensure the traction is always on point. The said wheels are bigger than those on similar bags so as to make sure they are equipped to run smoothly on whatever terrain you frequent.

The interior has one large compartment and two meshed zip pockets. This gives you space for toiletries and documents hence saving you from having to carry other small bags.

As for the exterior, it has a couple of pockets all around the bag that you could use for essentials that you use often like your chargers, store dirty linen or even carry your shoes. In short, you have a lot of pockets to work with.

To increse longevity, this bag is fitted with plastic bumpers on every place that’s prone to wear.

Pros of the product

  • The exterior material is very superb, lightweight, durable, and resistant to adverse weather conditions and abrasions
  • The interior is well compartmentalized and the exterior has several pockets that aid in storage
  • This bag’s design is catchy as it has a huge log on the front and it comes in several colors
  • On the front of the bag, you get straps that allow you to strap on another backpack so you can wheel them as one
  • For the quality, this north star bag gives you total value for your money.

Cons of the product

  • The zip and the buckles are of cheap quality hence prone to spoil.
  • It does not come with compression straps.

4.Samsonite Travel Duffle, 82/31 , 150 Liters, Black

Samsonite has been in the bags manufacturing industry for over 110 years and it is very easy to see why. Thy pride themselves on making suitcases with small exteriors and large interiors as they have mastered the art of maximising space.

For the samsonite travel holdall, they took their two best seller bags from the suitcase and duffel department then merged them to for this masterpiece. When empty, it weighs a paltry 3 kilos despite the fact that it ca comfortably hold 113 litres of luggage before expansion.

The exterior is made of resistant polyester material that is so sturdy to the extent that the company give you three year worldwide performance warranty and a one year money back guarantee. You will never have to worry about customs manhandling your bag, rain damaging your luggage or premature wear and tear.

Aside from the interior which has two large compartments and 2 zipped pockets, you also get an extra large pocket on the front of the bag. The best part is, the said pocket is heavily padded hence very safe for laptops and tablets.

Thanks to its combi padlock thats further equipped with a TSA lock, your luggage is bound to be safe and sound. Also, you get to save yourself from replacing the numerous padlocks that TSA officials tend to break as is their right.

It comes fully fitted with a pair of space booster wheels that can either move independently or in unison, giving you the luxury of pulling the bag as you please. The wheels are also huge to deal with rough terrain, and they are very stable.

To seal the deal, the main compartment is expandable by 15% to ensure you completely utilize the space available. Lastly, the wheels are self cleaning and they come with wheel covers for when they are not in use.

Pros of the product

  • It comes fitted with large space booster wheels that can manoever smoothly even on rough terrain.
  • For quality assurance, this bag has a 3 year performance warranty and a one year money back guarantee.
  • You get unlimited free repair at any Samsonite store for the whole lifespan of the bag
  • It is very roomy and the interior and exterior feature several pockets which help in compartmentalizing your luggage
  • For the quality and storage space you are getting, this bag offers total value for money

Cons of the product

  • Lacks the abiility to stand up and the wheels do not have a stopper
  • Does not come with compression straps which come in handy when your bag is overstuffed
  • The outside handle only features two height adjustments which is inconvinient for short consumers.

5.Osprey Europe Rolling Transporter 120 Unisex Durable Wheeled Travel Pack

The Osprey transporter wheeled duffel 120 is the correct definition of what happens when style merges with functionality. It comes in a state of the art design that is bound to tun heads where every you go.

Also, this bag is only available in bright colors that compliment a person with an outgoing personality perfectly.

If you constantly overpack or are prone to long out of town trips, this bag will suit your needs. It has a whopping 120-liter storage capacity, which is, in turn, extendable.

Since the luggage is bound to be heavy, all the side carrier handles and outside handles are well padded with a special plastic that ensures your hands remain as comfortable as possible despite the bag’s pressure and weight.

Have you ever tried rolling a bag on a flat surface yet it kept falling on the side? Or been in the middle of maneuvering through a busy terminal and you hear one wheel pop off? if the answer is yes, you know how annoying git can get.

This bag comes with special quality wheels that are made larger than usual to ensure the bag remains stable despite the weight it is carrying. Also, they wheels self clean themselves to increase the traction.

You will never have to worry about rain destroying your valuables as this being one of the best-wheeled holdalls comes with overlapping rain flaps. Additionally, the interior is coated with TPU which is further sealed with nylon to not only protect your stuff from sudden impacts but also from weather-related problems.

Thanks to the fact that i comes with multiple handles, you can easily lift it and take it off the baggage claim carousel without spending valuable time struggling.

Pros of the product

  • It comes with a very sturdy pair of compression straps that works wonders
  • The bag is well designed in such a way that you can easily expand it without distorting the overall shape overtime.
  • It comes in a very catchy design that is supplemented with catchy colors
  • The exterior is made of premium materials that are also durable and lightweight
  • The interior is well compartmentalized for easy access to essentials and also for an easier packing experience.

Cons of the product

  • It tends to be quite heavy even when there is nothing inside
  • For the quality, this bag is too expensive for the mere consumers it is targetting.

What to look for when buying a wheeled holdall

In order to benefit fully from your wheeled holdall purchase, you need to make a list of the features you might want and make sure it ticks all the boxes. Luckily, the market is flooded and you are bound to find something that works perfectly for you-f only you look hard enough.

Here are a few pointers;


Analyze whatyou are willing to spend and then go through the above list to give you a glimpse of your viable options. Keep in mind that if you want a bag that will last you or yers through countless manhandling by TSA officials, then it will be more expensive than a bag you want to use when going to the gym.

Also, the features and materials used in making the bag play a huge role. Go for a durable material that is resistant to abrasion.


Since the whole point of getting a wheeled holdall is so you can carry it or wheel it, try and get one that you think you can carry and wheel comfortably.

Also, some may appear small but have lots of exterior pockets or an extender, so look for one which will suit the need you intend to use the bag for.

Also, there is the issue of airline regulations, buy a bag that can pass as a carry on in the airline that you frequent. Otheriwse, you will have to deal with the agonizing task of checked baggage.

3. The ease of packing

Go for bags that are well compartmentalized on the inside as such holdalls are easy to pack. This is mostly because you can easily reach for different items hence why you won’t have to rammage through the whole load when you get to your destination.

Also, the bag should have outside pockets for thing like your passport, dirty linen or shoes. Otherwise, you will be forced to carry a separate bag.

4.Materials and durability

Different materials offer different advantages; you just have to know what your end goal is. If you need a bag to run errands here and there, then one made of lightweight polyester works just fine.

But if you want a bag that can withstand the constant manhandling and getting dragged through countless pavemens that come with catching flights or trains, then go for one with a sturdier material.


If you tend to use airplanes a lot, especially if you are based in the USA, then go for a bag which comes fitted with a TSA lock. They are very secure as only the TSA can unlock them and plus they save you from having to replace locks destroyed during security checks.

PS; TSA officials are alllowed by law to destroy any lock they find hard to open during the security screenings.

Frequently asked questions

1.Are there wheeled holdalls with hard cases?No, this will make them hard to carry on your back. so all hard cased bags are designed to be suitcases.

2.What is the price range for quality wheeled holdalls? Depending on the size, material, brand and features, wheeled holdall can range anything from $30 to $500.

3. Are there wheeled holdalls which have spinner wheels? Yes, however, for some reason, most of the highly ranked holdalls in the market feature the two-wheeled design.

4. How much do wheeled holdall weigh? all the bags featured here weigh between 2 kilos and 6 kilos. This is depending on their material and features.

#Our Top Favorite wheeled holdall bag

If we had to choose a one-wheeled holdall bag from the aforementioned, then it will have to be The North Face rolling thunder. It comes in a beautiful red and black or yellow and black color scheme that is bound to catch the attention of everyone when you travel.

Though it appears small from the exterior, do not be fooled as it has a whopping 80 liters storage capacity. If you add its numerous side pockets, you will have more than enough space for a strip out of town, athlete training sessions, errands, school, just to name but a few.

To make up for the lack of compartments on the inside, you get a large, heavily padded pocket on the front of the bag. You could use it to store valuables like phones, chargers, laptops, or anything you need to access often.

Thanks to the heavy foam padding, you are sure your valuables will be protected.

This bag also comes with special straps that are fully equipped to hold on to another backpack so you can wheel them as one. If the interior space is not enough, you will be pleased to learn you get a 15% expansion leeway.

In short, there is little not to love about this The north face bag. Everything from quality to performance is top notch.