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Best Cabin Luggage – Reviews 2023

Travel is the only thing that requires you to spend money yet leaves you richer- or so the saying goes. Evidently, if you are going to spend your hard-earned money, then why not look good doing it?

One way to make your travels both stylish and comfortable is by investing in a quality cabin luggage bag. Aside from saving you the cost of a checked bag, it also relieves you off the hustle and anxiety of waiting for your bag to roll out on the baggage claim carousel.

Often times than not, travelers complain of losing their luggage in transit or finding their suitcase tampered with. Since a cabin bag is always withing your arms length, it is cheaper and saves you a lot of time.

To make your work easier, here is a detailed product review of the best cabin luggage bags in the market. I have taken into account the material used, the price in relation to the quality, the user comfort, just to name but a few!

Our Top picks for Cabin luggage bags- Reviews and Buyer’s guide

1.Maxwell Scott Premium Leather Cabin Luggage Bag – Farini Brown- Editor’s choice.

You can never go wrong with a quality leather bag- especially if the leather in question is single grain that has been exclusively sourced in Italy. Hence why, this Maxwell Scott premium leather carriage bag is rated among the best ones in the market yet.

Despite being made by the most skilled leather artisans in Italy, the company also prides itself on the fact that their products are organically vegetable-tanned. That’s why the exterior appears to have an authentic patina(ps. the color gets better with age).

Perfect investment for your travels as it has a whopping 35-litre capacity and its dimensions stand at 50 x 35 x 20 cm (width, height, depth). This allows you to squeeze in everything that you may need without breaking a sweat.

The inside is separated with faux leather lining complete with zip pockets to allow you to easily separate any essentials.

In order to ensure your experience is as convinient and as comfortable as it can get, this bag comes with a floor to floor zip which allows you more freedom while packing. Also, it has a detachable shoulder strap aside from the sturdy carrier handles.

This gives you the freedom to carry the bag as you deem fit!

As a guarantee of its quality, it comes with a whooping 25 year warranty. thanks to the fact that all the leather used is sourced from the most prominent tannery in Tuscany which adheres to strict standards.

Pros of the product

  • It is designed expertly with s a striking state of the art design
  • The inside has several zip pockets and is separated with quality faux leather
  • The craftmanship is very detailed hence delivering a sleek finish
  • It is very comfortable to carry thanks to is soft carrier handles and a detachable shoulder strap.
  • Very quick to tend to customer complaints or inquires

Cons of the product

  • For someone on a budget, this product is very expensive
  • It comes with cheap zippers on the inside which tend to pop off a lot
  • Does not come with shoe pockets hence can be inconvininecing

2.Briggs & Riley Rolling Cabin Bag

Briggs & Riley Rolling Cabin Bag- Buy Online in Guernsey at Desertcart

Since the inception of Briggs and Riley, the company has continually released classic and quality luggage bags and this one is no different. It embodies everything the legendary brand stands for- quality, comfort and style.

Although it looks small enough to be carried like a handbag, do not be fooled as it has a 28-litre capacity. As a sign of quality, it comes with a life-time warranty which even covers airport damage.

This goes to show you that the quality is unmatched; hence you will be getting value for your money. The exterior is made of Micro Nylon outer fabric that is highly resistant to accidents and water.

This Briggs and Riley hand luggage is perfect for travelling with electronics. On the outer front pocket, you are provided with a padded slip compartment which can comfortably and safely store a 15 inch laptop or there about.

As for the inside, this bag is divided into three compartments- one is a zipped pocket that is enough for toiletries and over night items, another is made for storing papers and documents whilst the last one is the main compartment where you pack most of the clothes.

Its outsider handle helps increase the inside capacity whilst also providing a flat surface for your clothes. This prevents them from getting creases or wrinkles.

If at all you have other Briggs and Riley bags, you would be glad for this one comes with an Interlocking handle system. This allows you to comfortably stack the bags on top of each other hence making movement as easier as it can get.

Pros of the product

  • It is well crafted to fit all your essentials on one go
  • This bag is very affordable if we take the quality in to account
  • It is designed with convenience of movement in mind thanks to its wheels and interlocking handle.
  • It comes in a variety of colors and designs to choose from

Cons of the product

  • Does not come with a TSA lock
  • Fits less than what is stated on the product description
  • The overall design is plain and looks cheap

3.Briggs & Riley Rhapsody Cabin Spinner Hand Luggage, 40 cm

Briggs & Riley Rhapsody Cabin Spinner Hand Luggage, 40 cm, 21.7 liters,  Black: Shoes & Bags

The Briggs and Riley Rhapsody bag is one of the most stylish cabin luggage bag available in the market. Its 21.7 Liter capacity makes it a perfect investment for your short trips- The best part is, you will look good doing it!

It comes in an array of colors to choose from and the attention to detail is remarkable. Although it appears small, is is designed geniously to fit all you might need.

The inside is compartmentalized with silk soft faux leather that gives you two separate places to group your luggage. Besides that, you get a small zipped pocket to put all your electronics and charger cables in such a way that they will be easy to reach when need be.

You do not have to worry about digital theft when going through customs as the interior is sealed with an rfid lining that is designed to protect your wallets, passports and credit cards when going through customs scanner machines.

The bag itself is made of Micro Weave Nylon material that is known to be very long lasting, immune to adverse weather conditions, resistant to dirt and accidents. All these while it still appears of very good quality and has a soft feel.

Like most Briggs and Riley bags, this one comes with an outsider handle and outside handlebars. This is a great touch as it means you will not only have more space to work with but also, your clothes will have a flat surface to lie on hence removing the risk of creases.

If you have any other spinner or upright bag from the same brand, you will be able to easily interlock the two bags together by stacking them against each other. This provides for a more hustle free transportation as the two bags will become one.

As seen on the picture above, the bag has a front zipper- this was put there for storing your laptop or tablet. You wont have to worry about damages as this particular pocket is heavily padded.

Lastly, if nothing else has convinced you of the authenticity and quality of this bag, then its lifetime warranty will sure do the trick. Seeing that the warranty even covers any airline damage or theft.

Pros of the product

  • It is very affordable judging by all its extra features.
  • This beauty comes with spinner wheels that allow you to roll the bag on your side as opposed to the uncomfortable back.
  • The rhapsody bag a lot of features that ensure your personal data will be protected eg; RFID lining.
  • It is very classy and stylish hence compliments your travels perfectly

Cons of the product

  • The inside compartments are not well spaced hence inconveniencing during packing.
  • The spinner wheels need to be oiled more frequently than not.
  • The wheels on this cabin bag have a slip structure

4.Oakley Icon Cabin Trolley 26L Rolling Luggage Roller Blackout

If you are in the market for a light weight carry on which is spacious enough for your out of town trips, then I’d highly recommend this icon Oakley bag.

Its exterior is made of a skin of scuff-resistant, rugged Cordura fabric that will protect your luggage from any type of accident or adverse weather. While the interior is compartmentalized with zippered pockets and a clipped stabilizer strap that ensure everything stays in place be it; books, documents, electronics, etc.

We extremely loved that it comes in a simple yet catchy design whilst still donning an affordable price-tag. For your utmost travel comfort, this bag comes with split roller wheels that turn independently in a 360-degree angle.

In our routine review checks, this product stood well when we poured water or dust on it. Its nylon exterior not only protects you from weather extremes but also accidents.

Speaking of accidents, it comes with a 25 year warranty that also covers travel damages eg; tearing during custom checks. The dimensions of this bag allow it to pass as a carry-on in the TSA laws of most countries.

However, if you decide to use the extension feature, then you will have to collect it on the baggage claim carrousel. if so, then you will be glad it comes with a TSA lock that ensures all your goods will be protected from any dangers along the boarding process.

Perfect for short trips, or for ferrying important equipment, or for that long-awaited camping trip. The way this bag is designed, it is equipped to withstand any adventure you may decide to take it on.

Overally, this product gives you great value for your money and it can easily fit most of your stuff.

Pros of the product

  • Its exterior is highly resistant to water, dust or accidental abrasions.
  • This bag is exceptionally designed with 4 internal pockets, 1 zippered divider, 2 sets of elasticated packing straps which make packing easier.
  • It is very lightweight thanks to its nylon material
  • Has a lot of safety features to ensure your goods stay safe during transit
  • It has a whopping 28-litre capacity.

Cons of the product

  • There is a high possibility it will not pass as a carry on.
  • Only comes in one color
  • The interior zippers are of very cheap quality and look like they won’t hold after a while.

5.Briggs & Riley Transcend Rolling Cabin Bag Hand Luggage, 40 cm, 27.4 L, Rainforest

Briggs and Riley’s newest release deserves all the recognition i has been getting and more. It comes in a unique rainforest green color that will be screaming class and style during your travels.

Perfect for a short trip out of town or when you need to ferry things around with ease. It is designed to perfectly fit in all overhead compartments and also under the seat.

The exterior of this bag is made of Proprietary two-tone nylon that is not only very lightweight but it is also resistant to damage and adverse weather- this ensures your luggage stays in shape regardless of the transport rout you are taking.

To further ensure your luggage will be protected and that this bag lives outlives its 25 year warranty, the designers Strategically placed ultra durable perm square outer fabric in all the places that will potentially wear out due to abrasions.

Like all quality cabin bags, this one comes fitted with outside handles that ensure you have a flat surface for packing whilst also working to maximize the amount of space you have to work with.

The handles are made with the Aircraft-grade aluminum telescoping handle technology for maximum comfort. Also, all the handles and carriers are padded to prevent your hands from developing blisters.

Its frame is made of hybrid fiberglass that is lightweight and guarantees shape retention in the long run, flexibility during packing and durability of the bag in general.

Thanks to its 27.4 liter capacity that can easily be stretched, this bag is the perfect addition for consumers who regularly go for short trips.

Pros of the product

  • It is very affordable
  • The designers ensured the wheels rotate in 360 degrees for easier maneuverability
  • The outside handle interlocks with all other bags from the same model
  • Comes with very many thoughtful security features.

Cons of the product

  • Comes with limited lifetime warranty
  • The carrier handle is very hard hence defeating the purpose of all the technology used to design it
  • It only comes in the color rainforest green which may not appeal to man consumers.

What to consider when choosing a cabin luggage bag

The market is flooded with options when it comes to cabin luggege bag, each of those options is designed to appeal to a specific consumer. In order to benefit fully from your investment(cabin bags do not come cheap), one needs to ask themselves the right questions.

For example;

1.Do you plan to use it for domestic or international travels?

The dimensions of carry on bags allowed for domestic flights are very different from those of international flights. In most countries, the ideal dimensions for domestic flights is 22″ x 14″ x 9″ while the international one stands at 21 inches.

As you can see, the rules are stricter when it comes to international flights especially if you are travelling with a budget courier. Ensure you take the dimensions of the bag into account and also check the laws of your country as the provisions tend to differ.

2.Are you a two wheel or a spinner wheel person?

Two wheel cabin bags require you to pull the bag from the back as you walk in the front, this might be tiresome and uncomfortable for some people. However, the upside is , they tend to have more packing space as the wheels do not need a lot of space dimension wise.

As for spinners, the wheels turn in all directions allowing you to pull the bag in whatever place you deem fit. However, you will have to do away with some space.

3.Between a softside vs a hardside bag, which one will work for me?

Hardside bags are perfect for those who travel with valuables and eectronicseg’ cameras and laptops. This is because their hard exterior tends to protect everything that is inside.

They also tend to be very aesthetically pleasing. The downside is, hardside bags are prone to wear and tear faster than their counterparts.

Softside bags are great for those who wan to squeeze in a little more luggage than the specified limit. Also, they last longer as their material is made to las you several lifetimes.

They are however very plain to look at.

Features to look at when buying a cabin luggage bag

  • Style

Seeing that a cabin bag is going to act as an accessory to your travel attire, it is in your best interest to choose something that compliments your general sense of style well. Whether its flashy, classy, stylish or plain.

  • Functionality

Judging by your packing habits, your ideal cabin bag should come with enough pockets and compartments for your daily stuff.

Also, if you prefer shoulder bags over luggage bags be sure to put that in mind as you shop-Same as the wheels allignment.

If you intend to be moving around the airport a lot, consider getting a bag you can carry as opposed to roll. This is because it can get very hectic especially if there are a lot of staircases where you plan to frequent.

  • TSA lock

Some bags come with an inbuilt TSA lock that allows customs officers to inspect your cargo without damaging your bag. Prioritize such bags especially if you frequent USA as all the customs officers there have a master key.

  • Handles

Ensure the bag you get has padded carrier handles and not just some cheap and hard plastic that will blister your hands.

Also, the positioning of the handles plays a big role on the level of comfort you will enjoy. Go for once which have handles on both the side and the front. Some handles are even adjustable to suit your height hence very convenient.

  • Expandability

Despite the fact that most cabin bags are designed for short travels, you never know when you are going to need more space. Might be that you are gifted something or that you find a souvenier you want to bring back home.

Putting this in mind, opt for bags which offer expandable storage when need be. This will save you from having to buy extra bags on the way.

  • Security features

Cases of digital fraud in airports has been on the rise as thieves are now stealing information while your bags are being scanned for contraband. To protect yourself, opt for bags with a RFID lining that prevents such information on your credit cards, passports, etc. from being stolen.

Also, your ideal bag should have hidden compartments where you can store your valuables out of reach just incase someone pops their hand in your bag while you are not looking.

#Our top pick for Best Cabin luggage bag

If we had to choose one cabin luggage bag among the ones listed above, then it would have to be the Maxwell Scott Italian handcrafted bag. It is made of the best locally sourced leather from Italy.

The company has patnered with the best tannaries in Tuscony and the leather used s subjected to rigorous qulity checks. Also, all ther bags are sewn with the best artisans from Italy hence the finishing is meticulous.

The leather is organically tanned giving it a nice quality color that only gets better and richer as the bag ages. As a guarantee of its quality, this masterpiece comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Despite its whooping 35-litre capacity, the leather exterior is also expandable hence can hold way more luggage. The best part is, it is very stylish and blends well with all your travel outfits.