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Best Cabin Suitcase – Reviews 2023

Nothing destroys a trip more than carrying the wrong luggage. Nobody wants to get to their destination then remembering they only brought one pair of trousers.

It gets even worse when you overpack and you are forced to spend hours tracing your bag in the baggage claim carousel. One way to save yourself the trouble is to purchase a cabin suitcase that not only fits all your luggage but is small enough to pass as a carry-on.

In this article, you will find a list of the best cabin suitcases in the market, their features and a buying guide to aid in making the right purchasing decision.

Our top picks for Cabin suitcases

1.Airwheel SR5 Auto Following Smart Luggage Robot Suitcase for Adult and Kids (Black)

Tehnology is constanly advancing and the suitcase manufacturers have not been left behind. This airwheel bag is here to change the game completely from boring and cumbersome cabin bags to tech equipped masterpieces.

Thanks to its UWB and sensor technology feature, this bag is like a robot that’s programmed to follow you everyhwere. This is completely convenient as it saves you the husle of tiring yourself as you navigate busy spaces with your suitcase in tow.

Speaking of busy spaces, the Airwheel SR5 is fitted with an intelligent obstacle avoidance feature. This is achieved thanks to its scan and analyze smart sensors that constantly analyze the surrounding as the bag moves.

Keeping in mind that you might want to use this bag for several different adventures, it is designed to move freely and with ease no matter the terrain- be it tarmac, carpeted floors, tiles, conveyor belts, blind roads, etc. Also, since it only measures 20 inches, you can pass it as a carry-on in most airports hence avoiding having to check in the bag.

You can control the bag via the official app that connects to your phone using Bluetooth. Additionally, when the bag is in motion and it gets too far away from the owner, the app sends out an alarm to alert you.

It comes fitted with a lithium ion battery that is compliant with airplane regulations. You can also use the said battery to charge your phone or laptop as it has a place to plug in other electronics.

Thanks to its 40W wheel hub motor, the SR5 is amply powered and ready for all your travel adventures!

Pros of the product

  • Completely fitted with several technological features that are both unique and improve the performance
  • Comes with a lithium-ion battery which can double up as a charging station for other electronic equipment eg; phones, i pads, tablets
  • It has a whopping 30 liters storage capacity which is enough to fit everything you need for a trip out of town
  • This bag comes equipped with a smart scan that prevents it from bumping into any obstacle while it follows you.

Cons of the product

  • It is very heavy even when nothing is inside
  • You need to be very careful in using the bag where there is a lot of water or fog as such environments affect the overall performance and might spoil the bag.

2.Briggs & Riley Baseline International Carry-On Expandable Wide-Body 4 Wheel Suitcase Spinner

If you ar in the market for a quality and minimalistic cabin suitcase, then this Briggs and Riley baseline carry-on is a great option. Starting with the fact that all their bags come with a lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about quality.

They will even repair your bag if the damages are airline related- we all know how rough the loaders handle luggage is the airport.

Since it comes in the size 22.86 x 38.1 x 53.34 cm, you can pass it as a carry on luggage and save yourself from having to endure the baggage claim carousel. However, some airlines will not allow so make sure to crosscheck the facts beforehand.

No matter how much you stuff this suitcase, it will never loose shape. This is majorly attributed to the fact that it comes with a sturdy hybrid fiberglass frame which is not only durable but also lightweight (this bag weighs a paltry 4 kilos).

Your clothes are guaranteed to get to their destination wrinkle free thanks to the fact that this bag comes with an outsider handle that gives you a flat packing surface. Also, the outsider handles plays a huge part in increasing the internal capacity which already stands at 30 liters.

If you already have another bag from the same Brigs and Riley brand, then you will get to enjoy the smart link feature than interlocks all your bags so you can transport them as one.

The most outstanding feature of this suitcase is its CX expansion-compression system- what it does is it expands to be able to give you maximum storage space then it shrinks back to original size so you can fit it under your seat or in the plane’s overhead compartment.

For comfortable and convenient maneuverability, all its four wheels move in 360 degrees allowing you the luxury to pull the suitcase in any direction you choose.

Pros of the product

  • Tastefully designed to suit a minimalistic consumer without being boring
  • Completely equipped with a cx expansion and compression feature hat lets the bag expand to fit everything you need then contract to fit in an overhead.
  • For the quality and features you will be getting, this bag gives you total value for your money.
  • Comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty that also covers damages you might get during travel.
  • If you are one to travel with suits, you will be glad for its Built-in-tri-fold garment folder that is completely sealed with foam. It can easily hold three suits and guarantee no wrinkles.

Cons of the product

  • Does not have a TSA approved lock hence the chances of the lock getting destroyed at customs is very high
  • The stitching on the corners of the bag are not as neat as they should be.

3.Samsonite Lite-Cube – Spinner L Suitcase, 76 cm, 96 Liter, Beige (Ivory Gold)

Hard cased suitcases are gaining popularity fast and it is easy to see why. They tend to be sturdier and can protect the inside contents in a way other bags cannot.

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the legendary Samsonite cube suitcase. The exterior is made of woven polypropylene material that is both lightweight and sturdy.

Additionally, the hard exterior is also shock absorbent and is praised for its exemplary performance in low temperatures. This makes it perfectly suited for airplane travels as no matter how rough they handle the bag, everything inside and out will stay as it is.

Thanks to its soft touch double tube handle, you will always be comfortable pulling the suitcase even if its for long distances. The handle also has an address tag on the back for easier identification during customs checks.

As a safety measure, this bag comes equipped with a 3-digit TSA lock that will go a long way in giving you peace of mind.

The interior is dived into three parts; the top part which has a fully lined zipped divider pad and zipped pocket, the middle part which will hold all your clothes, and the bottom compartment which has a mesh zipped divider pad, cross ribbons and integrated pocket.

To bring out a classy touch, the front of the bag and all the zippers are embellished with the Briggs & Riley logo.

Pros of the product

  • Comes in a catchy color and modern design that will compliment your travel attires well.
  • The interior is well compartmentalized and fitted with extra features that ensure your clothes stay in the same condition they were when packing.
  • Comes with split sphere wheels that allow you the comfort of pulling the bag in whatever direction you please.
  • The handle is designed with state of the art technology that guarantees utmost comfort.

Cons of the product

  • The wheels do not have a lock so its hard for the bag to keep steady when you are not moving.
  • It is very pricey for the average consumer.
  • The handle gets stuck sometime and it needs a lot of energy to pull it out.

4.Delsey Chatelet Air Suitcase, 82 cm

The Chatelet air collection is a top French brand that has been around for years on end. They specialize in designing bags in the French traditional yet timeless style hence why their consumer base is very wide.

For this brand, security is paramount. This suitcase comes equipped with a SECURITECH zip that is near impossible to break and a three digit TSA lock to protect your suitcase lock from being broken during customs security checks.

The interior looks just as good as the exterior thanks to its silky soft peach finish. To ensure a smooth packing experience, the interior comes packed with a main compartment that’s fitted with fastening straps, one closed superior compartment equipped with fastening straps, one hanger hook, 1 big mesh pocket in the top lead and one zipped pocket, one shoe bag and one laundry bag. Impressive, right?

The exterior is made of 100% Virgin Polycarbonate that has proved to be 3x more stronger than its counterparts made of other materials. No matter how rough you plan on handling this bag, it will maintain its present shape and appearance.

To make the bag less plain, it is fitted with a stylish leather grain and leather band in the middle that’ is made of synthetic materials that are environmentally friendly.

Speaking of leather, the outsider handle has leather accents that in turn hold he logo of the bag making it appear very classy as it also offers you utmost comfort. For easier identification, it comes with a name and address tag on both the shoulder strap and side handle.

Lastly, what seals the deal is its split sphere wheels that are designed to roll as effortlessly as possible. Best part is, each pair can move independently in same or different directions giving you complete control.

Pros of the product

  • Comes in the stylish and timeless French suitcase design that has been carried forth generations to generations
  • It features a retractable carrier handle that is fitted with leather accents to guarantee your comfort
  • You do not have to worry about quality as it comes with a 10 year warranty and unlimited lifetime repair
  • The interior has a lot of storage capacity and is well compartmentalized for easier access
  • It has a 360 zip that comes in handy when packing or when you want to retrieve something as you will easily spot it.

Cons of the product

  • It is too sturdy hence not expandable during packing
  • The trolley handle is a bit flimsy and of bad quality

5.Briggs & Riley Suitcase Torq International Carry-On Spinner(54 cm)

If you are one for flashy suitcases with unique designs, then this Briggs & Riley masterpiece is a great fit. It comes in a blue and black color that is easy on the eyes and hard to miss.

The exterior is made of 3 layers of 100% virgin Makrolon polycarbonate material. The good thing about this material is it is high-strength and lightweight while still holding the ability to expand accordingly to fit your luggage.

As for the handle, they are designed with the Aircraft grade aluminum telescoping handle system. It has three height adjustment stops and an impressive ergonomic grip handle.

In the tune of comfort, all the handles are craftily molded with modern technology to be able to offer utmost comfort when gripping and carrying the bag for long period of time.

To further assure you of is outstanding quality, it comes with an unlimited lifetime performance guarantee. The best part is, the guarantee clause also covers potential airplane damage.

On the front of the bag, you get a simple one touch operation that unlocks a hinged front pocket. The pocket is sizeable and protected enough to be able to store your 16 inch laptop, iPad or other electronics whether they are in a case or not.

Thanks to its molded compression feature, your clothes will be compressed hence preventing the probable appearance of wrinkles as the clothes won’t keep shifting during transit.

Pros of the product

  • It is very lightweight as it only weighs 5 kilos when completely empty
  • Comes with unlimited performance guarantee that even goes ahead to cover airport damage during transit
  • The handles are designed with great attention t detail so as to offer utmost comfort
  • Thanks to its three layers of virgin Makrolon polycarbonate, the exterior is equipped to withstand any rough handling.

Cons of the product

  • The dimensions of the bag do not comply with the directives ordered for most airlines meaning you cannot always pass it as a carry-on
  • For the money you are paying, this bag should have more storage space
  • The design and color scheme can be a little too catchy and tacky for most consumers.

Things to consider when choosing the right cabin suitcase

Seeing that cabin suitcases do not come cheap, it is in your best interest to do the necessary research first so as to get one that suits you perfectly. Contrary to popular belief, a cabin suitcase is more than just appearance.

Here are a few pointers;

  • Weight

Most airlines, especially budget ones. have stringent policies in place when it comes to the weight of your cabin suitcase. Most times, if the weight exceeded the limit, you will have to pay exorbitant fees that you probably were not prepared for.

To be on the safe side, try and go for suitcases which weigh less than 4 kilos when empty. This way, you get to fit much more luggage without paying extra.

  • Size

Contrary to popular belief, not every suitcase that is labelled cabin size is small enough to fit into the cabin of your plane. Ensure you crosscheck the exact size that will fit in the airline you frequent before going ahead and making a purchase.

Then there is the issue of how easy it is going to e to haul the bag all around a busy and crowded airport, or whether the bag will fit effortlessly in the luggage rack during transit.

Also, you need to ask yourself if the bag will fit in the trunk of your car and whether it will be lightweight enough for you to comfortably carry it around.

  • Security

It is imperative to lock your suitcase when travelling- especially if it is with a plane or train as your bag is going to spend a lot of time away from your direct sight.

This is why it is advised to go for suitcases with a TSA lock. Only the TSA have access to the lock hence your stuff will be safe and they can perform the checks without destroying your padlock or zip.

TSA officials have the right to break a padlock if they are having difficulty in opening it.

  • Wheels

You can either go for a suitcase with two wheels or one with four wheels as both have their advantages and disadvantages. Two wheeled suitcases tend to have wider wheels that make it easier to pull the bag and also they can easily withstand rough terrains.

As for four wheeled suitcases(spinners), they do not require you to pull from behind, so you have the luxury of pulling the bag anyway you dim fit hence very comfortable.

  • Expandability

Most cabin suitcases are easily expandable to fit your luggage when you decide to pack heavy. However, some do not come with the luxury so check beforehand.

Also, some bags tend to get disfigured over time of expansion. If you are always packing heavy, go for one which is suited to such a task to avoid having a disfigured suitcase in under a year.

  • Handles

For your comfort, ensure the handles of the ag you choose are either padded or fitted with a protection layer as suitcases tend to get heavy and I’m sure you do not want blisters.

Also, if you are a short person, go for suitcases with telescopic handles that let you adjust the height of the outsider handle as you please. For extra comfort, go for ones with handles both at the top and the side.

Side handles come in very handy when you need to raise and place the bag on baggage claim and during transit checks.

  • Storage and compartmentalization

Most cabin suitcases are designed to suit the life of consumers who are always catching flights- in that, they are equipped with numerous side pockets for things like your passports, laptops, etc.

Ensure the bag you get has all the necessary extra pockets you will need. As for the interior, go for one that is well compartmentalized for easy packing and retrieving your packed items.

#Our Favorite cabin suitcase

Airwheel SR5 is everything you need in a cabin suitcase and more. Thanks to its numerous technological features, this suitcase is way ahead of its time when compared to its counterparts.

Starting from the fact that it is like a mini robot that’s programmed to follow you everywhere. Each time it gets too far away for comfort, the bag has an intelligent alarm system that will either beep on your hone or on the bag itself.

It is efficiently designed to roll smoothly no matter the terrain- be it tiles, tarmac, carpeted floors, pavements, etc. Also, since it is fitted with an obstacle avoidance feature, you do not have to worry about the bag causing accidents or anything happening to it.

This masterpiece is controlled via an app on your phone or using the provided remote control. It is powered by a lithium ion battery that is made wth plane restrictions in mind.

The said battery can also double up as a charging port for your other electronics which we thought was very thoughtful.

As for security, this bag is like a fortress. Aside from being fitted with a TSA lock, you get a notification every time someone tries to break into the zipper or lock.

This not only gives you piece of mind but it also makes this suitcase a great investment for transporting precious cargo. All in all, there is nothing not to like about the Airwheel SR5 hence why it is our favorite among the aforementioned.